Monday, October 08, 2012

Looking back...Spring 2012

I kind of dropped out of the blogging game for awhile. Lots of things have happened since my last post, virtually all of them good. But I think most importantly, I finally started to feel like life was usual. Nothing extraordinary to blog about, and that is a good sign. But I was reminded that there are lots of people thinking of and praying for us on a regular basis, people who like to check the blog, people who have reminded me that 6 months is probably a bit long to go without posting. So I'm going to try to update slowly this week, one season at a time, starting with Spring! Let's see what happened in Spring...(I had to consult Facebook Timeline to remember some of this. See! It's not such a bad concept, people!) Well, first of all, Lucas settled in at school. You can click these images to see more of that detailed in photos if you want:

From Lucas at School
The Avengers came out in theaters! It was released more than a week ahead of the US, which means Lucas can say he saw it before just about anyone else in the States. It was his first movie in the theaters, ever, and he did a fantastic job. We adults loved it, too. We had been waiting for this for months. Years?
From Spring 2012
As spring arrived, the cherry blossoms took over...

From Spring 2012

Carlos and I celebrated 5 years of marriage! After all these years of keeping a marriage alive across borders, it was extra exciting to finally be celebrating an anniversary while living together in the same country.
From Married for 5 years!

And at the top of our spring highlights?
From Spring 2012
The start of the countdown to becoming a family of 4! We're expecting a little girl in mid-December, to be born here in Korea!


Mom said...

Thanks for posting here Amy--we miss you so much, but you're doing ok and that makes all of us happy.

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