Thursday, January 31, 2008


Our blog finally has a title! Took forever to find a meaningful one. Explanation: It all starts with Laura Pausini and her remake of a song of the same name. It's in Italian, and, like all her songs, is totally moving. Ultimately, the song is about a voyage without boundaries, destination Paradise.

We're on a voyage right now. We travel through cities/countries searching for the place where we will finally belong and be happy, our own paradise. And if we never find it on Earth, we know our ultimate Paradise awaits in heaven.

So that's our blog title. As far as our current status in our voyage, things have returned to their crazy pace full of lesson plans, 7 a.m. duty extracting arriving students from their cars, and the usual exhaustion. Carlos is currently working from about 10 am - 6 pm downtown (about 20-30 minute commute in the Cheyenne), teaching English. However, in late February he will transfer to the location a few minutes from our house, where he will pick up a schedule almost identical to mine! We look forward to that.

We want to thank everyone for the fabulous Christmas gifts. The coffee is in use daily, along with the creamers. Carlos was beside himself when I retrieved those from the suitcase. They help us face each morning with something to look forward to. The cinnamon-flavored stuff is a taste of home for Carlos (and me, obviously). And we have put the dozens of pairs of socks to good use. Thank you again to everyone who contributed to our happiness!!!

I leave you with the song that inspired the blog title.

Monday, January 07, 2008

...and back together again!

Being apart for two weeks was more than enough. We've vowed never to let it happen again, to the best of our abilities.

On the bright side, being in Chicago was absolutely a great time for Amy. Despite the fact that Chicago delivered its full arsenal of winter warfare, Amy survived just fine, had fun, saw so may beloved friends, and probably put a few hundred extra miles on the odometer of her parents' Saturn in the process. As Carlos frequently says, the people of Chicago would not be one among the world's greatest if it weren't for the brutal winter they endure every year.

Now that we're back together again, we've decided life is pretty good. The weather here is like Spring/Summer every day. Carlos says this may or may not be normal; he can't remember, since the last time he lived here he was a kid. We go running on the track out on the boulevard at dusk, and entertain ourselves with culinary adventures. The other day, we spent 4 hours on a mission to prepare two simple dishes - a Mediterranean salad (success thanks to some very awesome garlic vinegar we found at HEB), and the one and only Chicago Style Hot Dog (not surprisingly, a total failure without real Vienna Beef or poppy-seed buns).

Amy's job is still the bane of her existence. She is already counting down the days until June. Carlos is debating the meager class hours offered with Interlingua, and considering pursuing a different English teaching school, which would be much more serious and consequently way more salary (our income would double!!!). He interviews on Tuesday afternoon, and if they accept him, this would be a very big deal job. We'll update on how it goes and if he gets it, whether he will choose to accept (there would be some temporary sacrifices to make).

In general, life is good here, but we're looking forward to the next step, as always :).