Monday, August 29, 2011

Here we go...

We leave for Korea at midnight. I've carefully arranged mine and Lucas' lives into 2 large and 2 medium suitcases and that should last us the whole year.

Now all we need is prayer. For those of you willing to stand in the gap for us, here are some of the biggest concerns:

Health. Particularly Lucas who seems to have come down with a cold. Not fun for flying, so pray it goes away fast.

Smooth travel. Especially for Carlos who has two connections and 30 hours total travel time on his journey from Mexico to Korea.

Safety for our belongings. I know they're just earthly possessions and they don't matter, but life without our stuff would be so much more difficult. Carlos' airline in particular is notorious for losing luggage. Pray it all gets to Korea with us.

Sanity. For all of us. Carlos has a nearly 10-hour layover after the first leg of his trip, in a tiny airport where there's hardly anything to do. I will be arriving to Seoul a full 7 hours ahead of him and will need to entertain myself and Lucas inside the airport until Carlos arrives and our transportation comes to get us. Not to mention the bit where I fly across the Pacific for 14 hours with a preschooler.

Energy. After all this traveling, we will have a night to sleep/deal with jet lag and then first thing the next morning our new life begins, with me heading to school and Carlos caring for Lucas for the first time ever.

Wisdom. For me and Carlos. Not only will we be encountering brand-new challenges in our new roles as foreign English Teacher (me) and teacher to a preschooler (Carlos), but we'll also be learning the ropes all over again as a married couple. We have not lived together for about 3 years. The challenges of resuming a normal married life are going to be immense.

Community. We're fortunate that we'll have each other, but that doesn't mean we're not going to get lonely. Pray that we can find a good church and meaningful activities where we can socialize and build strong friendships. Including Lucas. Yesterday he was engaged in a lengthy conversation with a potato he found in the pantry. I kid you not.

OK, the next update should happen from Korea! Can't wait...