Monday, June 25, 2007

Here we go again

The tickets have been purchased, the plans have been made, and it all gets underway in a few weeks! Here is our summer itinerary:

July 6Carlos and Amy go to Michigan to attend Dan Godoy's wedding to Meagan Cammenga!
July 10Carlos flies to his hometown Monterrey, Mexico to assemble documents for Barcelona.
Amy remains in the U.S. for logistical purposes.
August 17Amy leaves Chicago and flies to Cancun, Mexico!
Carlos fies from Monterrey to join her there.
August 17-19Carlos and Amy enjoy a brief honeymoon in Cancun!
August 19-20Carlos and Amy fly overnight to Dusseldorf, Germany and spend the better part of a day there.
August 20Carlos and Amy fly to Barcelona and settle in for a wild adventure!