Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We're headed to Monterrey

There was a sale on airfare, so I booked.

We will spend Carlos' spring break together, in Mexico. :)

Suddenly there are a million little travel details to figure out. Primarily, how to handle a 4-hour flight with a toddler. But it's all good because we're going to be a normal family for 2 weeks!!!!!

Counting down to the end of March...

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Where we're at right now

I always dread having to answer the question, "So, any news on Carlos' case?" Because it's truly shameful to answer, "No, still nothing..." Especially after 2 years of this process and one since his visa denial.

But it is what it is. All I have to report is that we submitted an inquiry recently to Ciudad Juarez requesting some detail and justification for the false claim of citizenship charge, especially in the light of a similar case where it wasn't charged. They have about a week and a half to respond, according to their stated processing times. We'll see if we get any info.

I am trying to gear up for a bigger fight. I'm tired of playing this game, with appeals, inquiries, and attempts to get legislators on our side. We put in a lot and always come up empty, and that's a very dissatisfying place to be. There must be a better strategy. Working on it!