Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We're headed to Monterrey

There was a sale on airfare, so I booked.

We will spend Carlos' spring break together, in Mexico. :)

Suddenly there are a million little travel details to figure out. Primarily, how to handle a 4-hour flight with a toddler. But it's all good because we're going to be a normal family for 2 weeks!!!!!

Counting down to the end of March...


Rebecca said...

Good for you. I have been traveling with my since he turned 2. It is a 7hr flight for us plus layovers and plane changes. It is rought but totally worth it. Hope your little guy is a good flyer!

Anonymous said...

i flew with mine when he was 10 months and i was miserable of course i was 18 and inexperienced and young it sucked big time and it was only 2 hour flight lol i hope you have a wonderful spring break :) with your hubs. we will also be in mexico in march. we leave next saturday 38 hour drive with a 4 year old...... oh my goodness!! lizzie9984 :)

Anon reader said...

I just ran into your blog. I hope you enjoy your time together - I pray that you will be reunited permanently soon.

My family went through the 601 waiver. We were also in the slowest waiver country... so it took about 3 years to reunite us. I pray & hope it will be much quicker for you. I would never wish the pain of this on anyone.

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