Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Looking back II...Summer 2012

So here goes Part II in my rapid-fire blogging spurt to catch up to the present...

Summer 2012 kicked off with Carlos taking part in his country's political process for the first time, sending in his absentee ballot to vote for Mexico's next president. Although there was widespread discontent and distrust in Mexico over the general management and final result of the election, at least we know Carlos did his part.

From Summer 2012 in Korea

Carlos and Lucas got to spend Father's Day together for the first time, I believe. :)
From Summer 2012 in Korea

Baby G #2 started growing and making her presence known
From Summer 2012 in Korea

Although it took another ultrasound to really confirm her gender, this one was pretty cool, if you're into ultrasounds:

In a later post, I'll write about the experience of being pregnant and getting medical care in Korea, as I have plenty of things to say on the subject (mostly positive!).

 In early August, I finally got to make my long-anticipated visit home to Chicagoland. I got to spend time with dear family members, got to meet up with tons of friends, and Lucas had a blast enjoying some of the best of the summer activities available for a kid in Chicagoland.

From Chicago2012
For example, the Popcorn Shop and Two Toots Restaurant in Downtown Wheaton and Downtown Glen Ellyn, respectively...

From Chicago2012 absolute blast at LegoLand in Schaumburg...

From Chicago2012
...splashing for hours in the Crown Fountain at Chicago's Millenium Park...

From Chicago2012
...and our annual photo with the Bean.

Lucas also got to celebrate his half-birthday by throwing a proper birthday party, complete with the big cake, decorations, piñata, games, and actual friends and family (as opposed to our less-than-spectacular birthday celebration at home in Korea last December). He chose a superheroe theme and we went all out, or as all out as this mom was prepared to handle.

From Lucas' superhero birthday-ish party

We had a great time seeing everybody, and unfortunately two weeks were not enough to cross all the places, people, and foods from the must-experience list. They also were not enough to spend with dear ones, one of whom we would be seeing for the last time. :( We were grateful for that short interlude, though, and we are anxious to return next year with a new little one to meet everyone.

Speaking of returning, the summer also brought a process/procedure change in the immigration world that could, as a long-shot and in the long term, potentially help us have a chance to argue our case again. Our lawyer initiated the process again and we took the plunge and re-filed at the Seoul embassy, knowing anything could happen at this point. More updates on that situation in a later post, as there have since been even further developments on the policy landscape.

And at the end of the summer, we celebrated one year as residents of South Korea! Thank you, Republic of Korea, for the chance to live together as a family for a SECOND year! 대한민국, 감사합니다!
From Summer 2012 in Korea


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