Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 (감사합니다!)

While being away from the rest of the family and the comforting traditions on Thanksgiving can be so depressing, there are some benefits. One big one is that we can be totally flexible with how we celebrate and what traditions we carry on/invent.

So, our original Thanksgiving Day plan was to make our first trip to Costco for some essentials, and then cook dinner and have our own little Thanksgiving here in Korea. But the moment we set foot in Costco, we knew it was going to be no small trip. We ended up spending hours in there, and since Lucas was doing fine relaxing in the cart with an iPad, we decided to just skip the plans for dinner and instead do our Thanksgiving Dinner on Friday. Thus, our Thanksgiving meal was actually McDonald's, another rare delicacy from home. 

This means we were able to stock up on so many awesome and exciting things: cheese, sausage, AVOCADOES!, oatmeal, plus our Thanksgiving dessert. Costco is fun because all of the expats wander the store with these dazed looks, wide-eyed with huge grins on their faces, as if we'd all set foot into some sort of wonderful dream world. Trappings of home! Things we thought we might not taste again for another year or maybe more! Being in Korea is awesome, eating Korean food is great, but sometimes you just long for a little piece of home, and Costco is where you find it.

Anyway, tonight we will do our traditional Thanksgiving dinner and give thanks. We'll be roasting a chicken in our convection oven, baking some broccoli with parmesan, garlic, and olive oil (thank you, Dorothea, for the greatest broccoli recipe in history), doing some classic mashed potatoes, and then baking our Costco apple pie! Can't go overboard because it's just three of us and our fridge is not that big, but we will definitely be having a lovely Thanksgiving and eating well.

Here's the video message we sent to my family in Chicago. Due to the time difference, we were unable to Skype, so instead we made this video for them, in which we reported on the bounty we were fortunate to be able to afford at Costco (yes, our bank account is bruised today but our taste buds and tummies will thank us).

We wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and hope you were able to celebrate and find a chance to be grateful.


Katie said...

I can't believe they don't have oatmeal in Korea. It's strange what foods carry across cultures and what foods don't. I'm glad that you were able to find some comfort foods. Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner!

Lisa n Javi said...

Hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.

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