Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Maybe someday we'll look back and laugh

Lucas' Birth Certificate: $14 and 10 days
Lucas' Social Security Number: 3 months
Mexican Notary Stamp on signed Passport Consent Form from Carlos: $50 and 1 month
DHL fee to mail said consent form to the US: $35 and 3 days
Lucas' Passport: $85 and 2 ½ weeks
Round-trip airfare from Chicago to Mexico for me and the baby: $450

...Having to postpone our much-anticipated reunion because of a swine flu outbreak? Priceless.

I would prefer to think that caution and care are all we need, and that a flu outbreak should not deter me from finally seeing my husband after 7 months, but I've been forced to shelve that approach in favor of extreme wariness.

If it wasn't enough that all the health professionals in my life on this side of the border were urging me not to go, now it's being confirmed from the Mexican side. Carlos' father, who is a health professional in the non-alarmist tradition, said we must not come. Apparently hospitals in Monterrey are classifying this virus as a Stage 4, which Carlos explained to me as basically "bad, bad news".

So even though I feel like a virus is just a virus, preventable and treatable, the others in my life say otherwise and I'm going to rely on their judgment.

So there you go. If we weren't stuck before, we sure are now!


Amanda said...

For the baby it is best you wait, the flu will pass in time. But I can totally understand your anxiety and wanting to rejoin your hubby. Glad to hear you got all your paper work done. Where you able to postpone your flight of did you lose it?
I love your pics at the top of your page, the baby is sooooo cute. I have pictures of me and my oldest daughter talking to my hubby on web cam to. My husband doesn't like them though he says they make him sad so I have them put away. ;) Anyway hang in there you will be with him soon enough, the light at the end of you tunnel is coming.

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