Monday, November 10, 2008

a super belated photo post

Oops. It's been over a month since I was in Mexico and I still haven't posted most of the photos. I'll add them in a second.

An update on immigration: our amazing attorney is now filing a separate appeal that will go to a completely different office. So she's basically working from two angles, and if either is successful, we're looking at a brand new chance! So we just need prayers that we'll get quick and favorable responses.

Now, back to the trip. Aside from the absolute insanity of our experience with immigration, we had a good time together. Here are some highlights:

Carlos bought me a slice of German Chocolate Cake for my birthday! Baby G and I both enjoyed it.

We went to this huge market/strip mall, "Los Cabacitos". Several food vendors make stuff that's so good, this place is known all over the city.

These gorditas are one example: picadillo con papas (ground beef with potatoes) is the top one, and calabacitas (squash) on the bottom. SO GOOD!

A different type of gorditas. These ones are sweet and sugary and come filled with a huge range of stuff (strawberry, pineapple, honey, chocolate). They are crazy good.

Carlos proudly emerges with one of the most famous dishes to be found at Los Cabacitos: Elote Asado (grilled corn on the cob). His is smothered in the usual mayo, cheese, and powdered chile.

Carlos' brother with his findings: a bag full of churros, and a rusa, which is a refreshing regional drink involving lemon soda, pineapple, and powdered chile.

My favorite: Jalisco-style ice cream. It's similar to italian ice (reminds me of Mario's Italian Ice on Taylor St in Chicago). In amazing flavors like cantaloupe, mango, coconut.

On a different day, visiting my in-laws. Another delicious ice cream stop.

Carlos' choice? These insane nachos, loaded with melted fake cheddar, corn, and jalapeños. He really was this excited.

The dogs: 4-month-old Negro on the left, and our baby Nico, all grown up to about 7.5 months old. They both live with the in-laws now. He's got a huge tongue.

See, we weren't ALWAYS eating! Finally, a photo of us at the hotel in Juarez.


Amanda said...

Looks like you had a good time together. The food realy is the best thing about down here.

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