Saturday, September 27, 2008

Together again!

And just in time for my birthday!

I flew in on Mexicana yesterday, which was great! Direct flight from O'Hare to Monterrey, only 3.5 hours. They did ask for my Doctor's permission to fly right away at the check-in when they saw me, so apparently I look really pregnant now! The flight was great, I love Mexicana. They even serve real meals during the flight!

Only snag was getting through customs, and not for the usual type of reason. No, in my case it's that 15 or so flights in a year have taken their toll on the suitcase I chose, and having lost a leg somewhere between Europe and Mexico, it now lost a wheel on this flight. This only caused a problem when I had to hoist it off the customs baggage scanner and the sharky businessman behind me felt it would be helpful to push me, so that I was off-balance and dropped the already-unbalanced suitcase ON MY TOE! I emerged from customs frazzled, pregnant, dragging an injured suitcase, and gushing blood from the toe. But all will be OK, I've got the offended toe disinfected and wrapped up and I'll be fine. :)

Being re-united with Carlos was AWESOME and it feels good to be home, despite the ever-increasing pollution and absolutely unbelievable level of traffic chaos. The important part is being together. Carlos is fascinated by the belly, and has to keep touching it to see if it's all for real! Nico is HUGE now, and it's been fun to be re-united with him as well.

Shortly I will be posting about the itinerary for the remainder of the trip. Gotta grab something to eat first.


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