Saturday, October 20, 2007

Quick Update

Hi everybody!

We just wanted to let you know we're now in Monterrey, Mexico. We're currently living with Carlos' brother Daniel in a pretty nice house in the suburbs of the city, and we're pretty happy to be minutes away from a major shopping center, several multiplex movie theaters, PLUS a separate brand-new outlet mall. Amy is slowly adjusting to the diet (heavy in meat and Coca-cola), as well as the heat, which generally hits 100 degrees each afternoon. Reportedly this will decline into fall and then a mild winter starting later this month. Amy is praying this is true. Meanwhile, both of us are pursuing some strong job leads, we'll update on those when they're secure. Also, we will ideally have our own abode relatively shortly, as safe, new housing here is very affordable.

Next time, we'll post our photos and descriptions of the marvelous European destinations we visited. Florence, Milan, Paris, and even Brussels were absolutely exceptional places to stay, and we hope to go back again someday in the future!


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