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Carlos in Florence, Italy, 2007
Birthplace: Monterrey, Mexico

Childhood activities: studying electronics, learning English, training to play soccer with one of the city's major-league youth divisions

Life-altering events: Forcibly moved to Chicago by parent, later taken back to Mexico, and once again forced to move to Chicago but with devastating consequences, banned from the US for life

High school activities: Dominated English, finished college-preparatory studies, played soccer for the school team

College activities: Studied to become a radiologist, participated in the NJCAA national tournament as a member of the men's soccer team, met Amy through mutual friends

Post-college activities: Married Amy, traveled to Europe and Mexico, settled in Monterrey, became a father to our son, taught English as a foreign language for 4 years.

Current status: living in Seongnam, South Korea, being a daddy and studying for a certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Amy in Rome, Italy, 2007
Birthplace: Columbus, Ohio, USA

Childhood activities: reading, writing, playing violin, drawing, learning, dreaming

Life-altering events: Moved to Chicagoland as a tween.  Changed colleges halfway through undergrad, consequently met Carlos.

High school activities: Orchestra, drama, choir, US government simulation, church youth group/worship team

College activities: Studied elementary education.  Participated in gospel choir, Latino student association, multicultural student mentoring group, diversity committee.  Completed a summer internship with the Chicago Public Schools, met Mayor Daley.  Also, met Carlos!

Post-college activities: Taught elementary school in Chicagoland.  Attended a program in Barcelona, Spain to become a certified teacher of English as a foreign language.  Married Carlos, traveled Europe and Mexico.  Taught elementary school in Mexico, moved back to the US, gave birth to Lucas, became a substitute teacher in Chicagoland.

Current status: Living and teaching English in Seongnam, South Korea.

Digging for sweet potatoes with classmates on a field trip
Birthplace: Suburban Chicago, IL, USA

Favorite activities: Building with Megabloks and LEGOs, playing outside and at any "play area"

Favorite things: Robots, LEGOs, Curious George, Iron Man, peanuts, apples

Current status: Living in Seongnam, South Korea with Mommy and Daddy, learning Spanish and Korean, attending preschool ("Kindergarten")

Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea

Favorite activities: Sleeping, eating, watching her Big Brother

Favorite things: Her hands. Hasn't discovered her feet yet

Current status: Living in Seongnam, South Korea with Mommy and Daddy


erne said...

Hi Amy,

I found your blog while surfing the 'net. Praise the Lord for your great attitude and your job. I know it won't be easy but you hang in there with your great husband because our God has great plan for you.

Our family will pray for yours and you do same for us :-) ^^

If you want, we can be friends at Facebook. My facebook acct. is www.facebook.com/erne.fachtmann

Anonymous said...

I found your website through the immigrate2us.net site.

Best wishes to you and your beautiful family.

-Gigi Flowers

Anonymous said...

I love your site. I have searched the internet to find a story of a whole family going abroad to teach. Please please tell me how you found a job in South Korea that accepted you as a family as myself, partner and 14 months old son are trying to move there, but no one seems to want to take on a TEFL teacher with two dependents.. thanks again for a wonderful site. Leila Rose

Amy G said...

Leila Rose, if you send an email to carlosandamyg[at]gmail[dot]com, I'd love to tell you a bit about our journey towards finding an employer that was willing to take on a whole family!

Chelsie said...

Amy, I found your blog via the link in your signature on Immigrate2US. In the time that I have used I2US, you have always been one of the posters that I admire for your knowledge and kindness. It wasn't until today that I explored your blog and found out what a truly amazing and beautiful person you are. I am amazed at the strength and love that keeps your family together when the laws of our own countries fail to serve and protect us. I pray that you will always be able to maintain the love and happiness that you have found amidst hardship. Thank you for inspiring me! God bless!

Anonymous said...

I am reading your blog and feeling a bit of a connection.
I am in a relationship with my Mexican boyfriend, have a beautiful son with him, am from the Midwest and am thinking about moving to Asia-either China or South Korea.
I was hoping perhaps you could provide me with some details as to your move to S.Korea (did you end up having any difficulties for your spouse and son entering with you? Was it easy for your husband to find a job teaching English as a native Spanish speaker-with TEFL certification? and How has cost of living been on a teacher salary for a family of three?). I'd love to hear about this as well as any personal info you have to share...perhaps we'd even end up being in Korea at the same time:)
Anyway, best to you and all of your family,

Dana - Curvy With A Side Of Confidence said...

I am so happy I found your blog! I have searched "raising children in Korea and teaching" forever and found no one to connect with. My husband and I have an 8 month old and have been discussing moving to Korea to teach. We are just unhappy in our home town and we've always wanted an adventure and we want to share that with our daughter. I would love to ask you a ton of questions and get some ideas about how feasible moving to Korea and teaching would be. My email is dananbell[at]gmail[dot]com. If you have the time, I would love to hear from you!


slzavala said...

Hi amy, I don't know if you remember me from I2us but my hubby is in the same boat is yours but he's still here in the US, but I just wanted to tellyku about something I read about the evangelical immigration table called the "I was a stranger" challenge, it talks about what the bible says about immigration, it's fantastic and it addresses all the issues I've had being a Christian and my view on immigration. google it and check it out!

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