Saturday, June 12, 2010

A new opportunity for action

Some updates for today:

1) We now have a petition up on  Signing it sends an email to Senator Durbin, and it only takes a couple seconds!

Click the red button in the box below to get started:

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We've also linked this petition on our Ways to Help page.

2) We have a new letter to mail him.  If you haven't sent a letter yet, or want to send another, check out our "Ways to Help" page for the text of the letters and the addresses to send them.

3)  We're also asking for prayer support, and you can stay updated on ways to pray for us on the Ways to Help page as well.

Thank you!!


PuertoVallartaGirl said...

Hello - i signed your can you do me a favor and call your congressman and ask them to co-sponsor cir-ASAP - if you haven't already? My family has the same problem as you. and I hope that cir -asap will help everyone with this problem. I'm not 100 % sure it does but I think it does have waiver reform in it.

Anonymous said...

My name is Sondra and I just sent a letter to the Senator and a email to you but I forgot to mention that I thought you might also look into a Private Relief Bill,Advanced Porole,
212(d)3 Waiver and a Presidential Pardon.This is what I am trying to do for my husband.I hope this is helpful. Again, I'm sorry I do understand your pain & frustration.

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