Thursday, October 02, 2008

Medical: Complete

Carlos left at 7am on the shuttle to the consulate so he could do his mandatory medical exam. I spent pretty much the whole time in the lobby where the computer gets decent wireless reception. This gave me a chance to meet some others going through the process, including a friend from the online immigration forum that we frequent. I also met an interesting couple from the North Side of Chicago.

Around 1pm, Carlos returned to the hotel absolutely famished thanks to not eating in over 14 hours. He wasn't supposed to eat prior to the blood draw, which is the first step in the exam, but then unfortunately he had no chance to eat after that, either. So we pretty much speed-walked straight to the nearest place that serves food and I waited for him to start getting food in his tummy before asking him any of the dozens of questions I had.

In summary, they asked a lot of seemingly unimportant questions (Do you wear glasses/contacts? Have you ever broken any bones?). They poked, prodded, took all possible measurements, made him strip naked, and gave him 3 pointless shots (the Chicken Pox vaccine, a new round of MMR, and Tetanus, despite the fact that he was just re-vaxed for Tetanus in the recent past, apparently). Grand total: $290. Not as bad as it could have been.

They told him to return to the clinic at 2pm to pick up his results, so after lunch we walked over there together. He went into the clinic while I waited in a tented area outside reserved for non-applicant family members. Nobody felt it appropriate to offer the 7-months-pregnant girl a seat, so I settled down on a curb. An older gentleman loudly pointed out the rudeness of the situation, as there were also several elderly people who arrived later and were left standing, but hey, that's the way it is, apparently! Immigration is a dog-eat-dog world out here. Fortunately, I'm young, healthy and can handle it. :)

About 20 minutes later, Carlos emerged with his results. All looks good! No document check tomorrow, so we have the whole day to relax!

Here's Carlos, relaxing in the lobby:


Amanda said...

What is the immigration forum that you talked about?

Tim Courtney said...

That looks like the lobby of the Hotel Colonial in Juarez. Is it? I've been there a couple times!

Amy G said...

Tim, it is Hotel Colonial. :) That's funny you've been there. What were you doing in Juarez?

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