Thursday, July 19, 2007

only 1300 miles apart...

Carlos is now in his hometown of Monterrey, Mexico where it is frequently 100° Fahrenheit with 100% humidity. So for those of you wondering why I'm not with him, there is a big part of your answer. I was not born in the desert, and I have no desire to live in a steaming, dusty, mountain-enclosed bowl of smog and pure heat.

Anyway, Carlos is living with his brother and his mom, who is currently spending some time in Mexico as well. He's been assembling paperwork, preparing for Barcelona, and generally getting shocked at how fast money drains away in Monterrey.

Meanwhile I've been working as a "Personal Assistant" to my aunt & uncle, helping take care of loose ends so they can focus on running the medical office. So I pretty much get to spend my days doing what I love: driving around the Chicagoland area in my Mazda3 and shopping!

Things are going OK considering that we're separated by a whole country only two months after our wedding. It'll still be nice to see each other though. :)


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